March 10, 2015

Demon Deli

Demon Deli at Jalan Canna, Kuching; near Giant Tabuan.

Our 1st time here, we had..

Homemade braised pork belly rice RM5.90 each

Chicken thigh with signature sauce Bear palm paw burger - RM8.90
Homemade deep-fried pork cheese Bear palm paw burger - RM8.90
Demon deep-fried chicken - RM10.90 each

Drinks: Ice milk tea & chocolate


Coffee Girl said...

OOooh bear paw burger! Must try!BDC ada Giant kah dayung? or is that the smaller Giant shop with the same name, as if Ive seen it somewhere before.

Ez Vina said...

Ehh salah info ku dayung, Tabuan not BDC. Sorry, klak ku edit.

Sharon D said... cute the burger!!! How creative people are when it comes to food ♥