March 27, 2015

Eugene at 8 years 7 months

Eugene: Mum, when can I start cooking?
Mum: When you are taller.
Eugene: Can I start practice now?

His milestones:
  • can cut his own nails
  • prepare his own water bottle to school
  • wake up, bath, put on his school uniform all by himself; he is the 1st one to wake up during school days
  • he is getting heavier, good appetite (he is now at 31kg)
  • not much guidance needed on his school work - but weak in Bahasa Cina and Seni
  • started his 1st swimming lesson for the year


Sharon D said...

Brilliant..if he starts now, he can be the next Masterchef Junior ;)

Ez Vina said...

haha.. if only..