April 25, 2015

ohh Boots! In Hong Kong

I love boots.
While in Hong Kong, I saw almost every ladies were wearing boots.  They looked so elegant.


And how happy I was when I saw there were boots everywhere in the shoe store; maybe because of the cool weather at that time, I dunno..

But I only bought one pair of boots in Hong Kong.

At the moment, I have 2 pairs of boots, 1 I bought it locally last year, 1 from Hong Kong. 
 I'm loving it both, maybe will get more in the future, not much choice here anyway.


Sharon D said...

I used to wear boots all the time. Now, I wear sneakers...lol! ^.^

Ez Vina said...

Really?! Wow.. I am not into sneakers yet and I don't think I ever own one.. hmm.. Maybe someday :)

Tia said...

mau ke hong kong jugak ini cari boot...hahaha

Ez Vina said...

Jum! Haha, aku rasa Korea byk juak la, tp Hong Kong dekat sikit la nak.

Coffee Girl said...

I only wear knee boots to work, itu pun kalau selesa. Lepas jadi mak tok, susah sikit nak pakai heels tinggi, cepat rasa sakit pinggang. so... slowly returning to boots days. =) ku ada 2 juak hehe

Ez Vina said...

Aku pun xda boots nok tinggi ya dayung, x tau la akan ada ka sik.