April 7, 2015

Hay Hay Roasted Meat Restaurant

We had dinner at Hay Hay Roasted Meat Restaurant, Wan Chai, on our last night in Hong Kong.

This 24 hours restaurant is very closeby to Empire Hotel, Wan Chai.

We had..
Dry Wantan Noodle, comes with a big bowl of soup - HKD30.  Huge wantan with pork and prawn filling.  Taste better than the one at Mongkok.  Happy me.
 If you order the soup separately, it will cost you HKD10.
Dry beef noodle - HKD30

Fish ball mee - HKD36

Quail - a bit tough

Simple yet yummy choi sum garlic

The location..

  Happy customer :)


Coffee Girl said...

Wahh looks the same as in Kuching or Malaysia punya wantan hoooo... Mahal ka makan di HK dayung?

ez vina said...

Dayung, wantan mee memang asal dari Hong Kong and Guangzhou, tp Hong Kong version ada prawn. Aku nang peminat wantan mee, tapi so far wantan mee yang paling sedap ku rasa di Bangkok. Sik cukup masa nak cari Wantan mee sedap di HK.

Harga makan sia agak mahal, tp big portion.

Sharon D said...

Adehhh..the noodle dishes look so delicious. Sayang the quail meat is tough. Otherwise, I bet it would be super yummy!

ez vina said...

Ho Sharon, to me its tough, maybe to others just right. I prefer 'soft' meat.