April 28, 2015

Hong Kong Trip

I was in Hong Kong for 5 days last month.  It was a last minute notice from my superior, so I didn't have much time to read and learn about Hong Kong.

From the short trip, here my view of HK..
  • A city by the ocean just like Singapore but is huge compare to Singapore.
  • Road condition are good unless if you are in Kowloon or Mongkok area.
  • Drivers are polite, no nonsense cutting or honking.
  • MRT is very convenience.
  • Imigresen check is fast even with a supper long queue.
  • Airport Terminal one is huge but easy to navigate around.
  • If you can speak Mandarin and watch lots of Cantonese drama/movie, like I do; then there should be no problem in daily communication, most of the shops' keeper know Mandarin (maybe they are from the mainland).
  • Food are expensive but big portion; goods are at reasonable price.  Normal price for a plate of bbq meat with rice is hkd35.
  • Weather in March is unpredictable, during my stay it was between 15-20; but when the cold wind blows it can be as cool as 10.  I love it, but hardly see any blue skies.

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Sharon D said...

Thank you for the tips, Ez!