April 14, 2015

Ohh Fig!

I saw this packet of fresh fig in a supermarket at Hong Kong, I have never seen a fresh one what more to say tasted one.  So without much thinking, I just grasp 1 of these, cost around hkd37.

Can't wait to have the 1st taste of fresh fig, when I bite into it, eww.. I hate the taste.
Seriously fresh fig taste nothing like a sweet dried fig.

I love dried fig,  ever since my MIL brought back some huge dried fig from Isreal, I felt in love with it immediately.

Not easy to find good dried figs in Kuching, I once bought from Unaco, but it tasted a bit off.

I bought dried figs while in Hong Kong, still have some left in my fridge, I have to savour it bit by bit ;)

Ohh I bought few packets of these blueberry while in HK too, cheap, cost around RM4.50 only, fresh n sweet, so yummy.  

Why la imported fruits are so expensive in Kuching?!


Rose said...

I never seen or tasted a fresh fig before. Yup, eaten dried figs and I love them.

Sharon D said...

Yup...expensive here too.

Reallyyyy.... eee, I've always thought fresh figs were sweet like the dried ones..haha! Now, I'm curious to try.

Ez Vina said...

Hi rose, its my 1st time also.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, maybe there are other gifs out there that's more suitable to eaten raw/fresh, I dunno. We have to go to countries with fresh fig to find out. haha.