June 28, 2016

Shopping for handbag in Kyoto

Louis Vuitton on Shijo Street not far from Nishiki market.

 No, I did not purchase any bag from the above brand.
 I am looking for something local, something made in Japan.

Here's my catch..
Made in Japan, it is.  The leather is soft and it smells good too, i loike.

As a tourist, if your purchase is more than 5400yen, you are entitled to claim back your 8% tax.  Just bring your receipt, passport and your purchase to the Tax Refund counter, and you will get your cash back, even if you were paying using a credit card like I did.  Hihi more cash for me to spend at the market.
Refund must be done on the same day of the purchase.


Rose World said...

That one good point being a tourist. Tax rebate.

The Japanese bags are pretty.

Ez Vina said...

Ya, not bad la. But the quality is something to shout about. Let see how long my bag can tahan.

suituapui said...

Ooooo...LV!!! Got class, eh?

Ez Vina said...

Class got, but I did not have any LV bag, yet.