June 22, 2016

New Miyako Hotel, Kyoto (2016)

We had a pleasant stay at New Miyako Hotel during our holiday in Kyoto recently.
Located right in front of Kyoto Station, opposite side of Kyoto Tower, the quieter area.

Hotel Lobby, check-in area 

Vending Machine area at ground floor

Comfy bed
  Inside our room on 6th floor

 The washroom - clean and non slippery floor, super like.

View from our room



Rose World said...

I am amazed witb Japan's vending machines. So many to choose from.

Look like a good hotel in a strategic location.

Merryn said...

Nice la the toilet comes with a bidet. I miss Japan. Went there ages ago during courtship.

Coffee Girl said...

Not sure if I should put Japan in my 'places to visit someday' list, but we'll see. you look like u had soooo much fun!

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, yeah lots of vending machines everywhere.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Merryn, and their toilets are so clean and warm, hihi

Ez Vina said...

Hi Coffee girl, Japan has always been on my travel list and a major personal milestone for me. Glad I did it and really hope to come back again.

Then again, it is just personal preference, maybe for some, they consider Paris as a must visit, me not, Paris is never in my list, but other part of France yes, so I might visit Paris on my way to the other part.

Cerita mcm dekat, chehh, mun sik dpt pegi, pg virtually pun jadi la.