March 29, 2017

Sawadee 88

Our 1st time here, food are good, service pretty fast, but the price is a bit steep.

We had..
Chicken fried rice, RM15
Ayam kecik2 je dalam tu pun.

Fried chicken, RM18
My children love these.

Mango sticky rice, RM15
Sedap, tapi sikit sangat kot.

Red ruby, RM7.90
Yang ni jer harga berpatutan, banyak ruby dalam tu, tak habis makan sorang.

Sedap, kalau nak datang sediakan cash banyak sikit sebab harga agak tinggi dan kena bayar cash pulak tu, credit card not accepted.


Rose World said...

Heard good and bad reviews on this place. I have yet to try it. The red ruby looked delectable. I would enjoy that.

Sharon D said...

I love how they presented the mango sticky rice, Ez. I will try making this one day. The fried chicken looks so sedap!