March 2, 2017

Gelang Patah, JB

During our recent visit to JB, we went to Gelang Patah town, twice; one time for lunch, another for dinner.

Gelang Patah is juat about 10 minutes drive from Legoland Hotel, we took Uber, which cost us around RM8-RM12 per way.

This is where we had our meal..

For lunch we had mix BBQ Rice RM16 for 2 person and char kuey teow (RM6).  We were they about 1pm and the wantan mee stall is already close, so I tapao the wantan from a kopitiam few doors away on the same raw.

For dinner we had, chicken ayam, fried chicken (RM3.50), Char Kueh trow (RM6.50) and kolo mee (RM5)

Overall I think the day time stall taste so much better than the night stalls.  But overall, the food taste good and the price are reasonable.

Our food..

The tapao-ed wantan mee..


Rose World said...

Nice to taste the local food.

Sharon D said...

The wantan mee looks different from the ones I'm used to seeing in KL.
I like hunting for local food when I travel.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, yes local food are the best.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, ya looks different, taste also so-so only.