March 14, 2017

Not our usual Sunday

Sunday morning, as usual the kids went to their Sunday School classes.  After fetching them back, me and hubby went to Vivacity to watch Logan.

About 15 minutes into the movie, suddenly the lights were switched on, and a TGV staff came in informing us that there has been a fire incident and that we need to go out.  Since we did not see any smoke, I thought that this has got to be a fire drill.

We took the staircase down to the ground floor and out through Vivacity back door,  luckily we did not bring the kids along.  The stairs area were dirty a lots of rubbish!  And the rain was drizzling.

When we reach outside, there no much people there other than those with us in the same cinema hall, which was not many since we were watching the 1st show.  We walked over Parkson store from the side entrance, everything looks normal.  Then we took the escalator back to TGV.  People were gathered outside of TGV. The cinema was closed, and we can smell something 'burnt', so this is NOT a fire drill than.  There goes our movie date.

TGV staffs informed us that we need to come back some other time to claim  our refund.  They cannot go back in there as they are still waiting for clearance from Fire Department.

Disappointed, we went to have early lunch at Sushi Zanmai, we had this yummy Salmon Rice,

For dinner, we had a great meal at Asia Recipe Cafe at 101.


Sharon D said...

Adoi .. I sure hope you get your refund soon! And they should at least clean up the stairs area now that this has happened.

That said, I enjoyed Logan. Funny.

I'm sad to hear Beauty and The Beast won't be screened here.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, Beauty n the Beast is out today. You watching?

Sharon D said...

Watchinggg ..but only next week. Am traveling right now ..haha