March 22, 2017

BBQ King Seafood, Stapok

My dinner last night..
Squids - RM18
Sedap; masam, manis, sedikit pedas.

 Bitter gourd with salted egg - RM12

We had our early dinner at BBQ King Seafood, Stapok.


Rose World said...

I would love the squid but it looked little for RM18. Sigh. Things are not cheap anymore. ^^

Small Kucing said...

wow...the salted eggs with bitter gourd quite price.

Ez Vina said...

Rose, ya not cheap, luckily tasted pretty good.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Small Kucing, thats how steep food price now, but what to do, too lazy to cook at home.

Sharon D said...

Salivating I - the squids in bamboo look so yummy! Biter gourd with salted egg ..ayoyo..