March 9, 2017

Citrus Hotel, JB

This hotel is conveniently located just across the road from Johor Bahru City Sqaure.
Good size from for the small price that we pay.

That's the hotel, behind it, that tall building is the Johor Bahru City Square shopping mall, which also connected to Komtar JB.
The checkin counter.
The lobby area.

Our club room at on 9th floor, the club floor and the gym are on the 11th floor.
The washroom.

The view of JB City Square from our room.


Rose World said...

Sounds like a good hotel in strategic location. Will keep this in mind if I go to JB.

Ez Vina said...

Ya, not bad, but I have to warn you, I rate this hotel lower than Cititel Midvalley :)

Sharon D said...

I have always wanted to holiday in JB, but every time I think of going there, I feel like it would be a waste not to pop into Singapore as well. Then, it goes over my budget ..hahaha!

This looks like a nice place to stay.

Ez Vina said...

We use to do that too, everytime we go Johor we will go to Spore, but not this time, the exchange rate is too bad.