April 3, 2018

My Restaurant 2018

Nothing much worth celebrating last month.

Tapi tak kisah la, saat kurang gembira pun kita perlu makan sedap-sedap, biar hati pun bertambah sedap gitu.  When you eat good, you feel good, betul tak ?!

My feel good food be like..


BBQ mix pork

Bacon carbonara

Perut kenyang hati senang.
Total bill RM90 ++

See post on the last time we dine here in Dec 2017.


Rose World said...

100% agree. I feel happy and good after a good meal. Everything so good but I will go for 3-pigs. More green.

Ez Vina said...

Ya Rose, big chunk of my spending goes to food. Shud have save more for travelling, but, there’s always the dilemma there 😁

Sharon D said...

Betul ! All this pork is making me hungry ..haha