April 16, 2018

Pork Ribs Instant Noodle

One of the best things that I bought from my Beijing trip last November was these 5 packets of Roasted Pork Ribs Instant Noodle.

It is the best instant noodle that I have tasted in my life so far.
It does not taste like an instant noodle, and it even taste better then some noodle served in other noodle shops in town. 
Disclaimer: Kolo mee still the best, but kolo mee is NOT an instant noodle, so, totally different category ya :)

I tried add in eggs to this noodle, but it did not taste that good.  Best is to serve it just like that. Kosong.

Sometimes I add in chives just to make it healthier, konon.

And that was my last packet.  I am sad.  Anyone going to China? Can tapao this for me?

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