February 4, 2010

Every morning

Our common conversation in the morning.

During weekdays when we wake-up very early and it’s still dark outside:-

Eugene: Where are we going today?

Mum: To your Titie’s house.

Eugene: Emmett will go together with Eugene issit?

Mum: Yoh sayang.

Eugene: Ok (and he will get his blanket and pillow to bring along to his Auntie’s house)

During weekend when we wake-up a bit late and the sun is already shine:-

Eugene: Daddy Mummy not working today?

Mum: No.

Eugene: No need to go to Titie’s house issit?

Mum: Yoh sayang

Eugene: Ok (and he goes back to sleep, or just lay down)


fLoRanCe said...

hehehehe...cute kali jak.......;p

Sumuk said...

mummy daddy go to work, eugene and emmett also go to work lol!

Big Momma said...

samalah situasi ya ....
he he he... kekadang pity them too kan?

the little prince said...

so cute la!!