March 30, 2016

Emmett's idea on chicken pox

Emmett:  Mummy, is chicken pox fever really exist on our earth?
Mummy: Yes.  Why?
Emmett: How do we get infected?  Is it when the chicken tuk tuk (pecked) us?
Mummy:  No, sayang, you can get the infected if you get near to someone who got infected.
*haiya, I also dunno how best to answer him, must google on chicken pox soon.

Emmett at 7 years n 6 months.
Gigi ke-2 dia tercabut masa kami di Tenom.  Gigi pertama dia masa kat sekolah.


Rose said...

Haha. Curious boy.

My boy also lost 2 teeth so far. Both time in school.

Sharon D said... cute-ler he ..haha