March 28, 2016

Kuching Food Truck | Hungry Dino

Now that we have food trucks in Kuching,  why not take the opportunity to try out these  food prepared by our young generation.  We not only have 1 but 3 food trucks in total around Kuching at the moment.

So, here's our 1st food truck experience in Kuching.  The Hungry Dino.

They are located at Jalan Laksamana, near Maybank.  Opens from 7.30pm.
*update Sept 2016, they will be at Kai Joo Lane night market every Friday and Saturday.

The menu..

We had..
Aglio E Olio - RM7
Chicken sandwich and pulled beef sandwich - RM8 & RM9 each.
You can choose between the white or the black charcoal bun, but my kids don't like the look of the black bun, so we choose the normal white bun.

Overall the sandwiches are a bit dry and the pasta a bit bland.
Maybe my expectation was too high due to the 'Eat Street' show on 'NatGeoPeople' channel.  But, it all good, and we will come back again for sure.

The search for another 2 food trucks continues..


Coffee Girl said...

Ya I believe TV has spoiled our expectations for Food Trucks. Kesian them. Haha. I am however, still open to the experience.

Rose said...

I always wanted to try the food trucks one day. But lazy to out at night bringing my kids along. Hehe. I guess we must lower our expectation at bit. Too much influence from AFC. Lol

Sharon D said...

Wow...I love checking out food trucks, Ez and yes the TV has shown us what great food looks like - it's hard to lower our expectations! :P