March 30, 2016

Mamutik Island, Sabah

We have been to Sapi Island, been to Manukan Island too.
So, this time, we try a smaller island - Mamutik.

Indeed, this smaller island has a super clear sea water, a great place for snorkeling.  Clean, white, sandy beaches too.

Unfortunately, when we were there earlier this month, the weather was super hot and it is also the jellyfish season.  Lots and lots jellyfish floating in the clear water, scary.  But according to the life guard, it is not really a big deal, if you got stings by the jellyfish, just come over to the life guard booth, they will spray the vinegar (cuka) on the effected area - that's is the only cure.. interesting!

And also according to the guard, when the water gets hotter, all the jellyfish will return to the deep sea.  True enough, around 10am there are fewer jellyfish around, and we can start our snorkeling activity.

We left the island around 1pm, cannot stay for too long, its just too hot during.  We were told that they have not had any rain in that area for 3 months.  
Wow, Kuching banjir tapi Sabah kemarau pulak.


Sharon D said...

What a beautiful island, Ez. Bestnye! It rains at my place almost daily, but the weather is too hot and everything seems to dry up quickly!

Small Kucing said...

Wow....totally unlike the beach we have at this side of Malaysia. So beautiful

suituapui said...

I love Sabah, stunning, so beautiful...but these few days, too hot and terrible haze.