March 21, 2016

My Spending KK-Tenom 2016

Kuching International Airport

Day 1
Taxi to KIA - RM26
Taxi to Imperial Boutec Hotel - RM30
Dinner at Filipino Market, Food - RM35, Drinks - RM5
Japan Boat Takoyaki - RM3.90 x 2
Supper at City Food Corner - RM18

Day 2
Breakfast at City Food Corner - RM23.60
Bus ride from KK to Tenom - RM20 per person
Oyong stop - RM5.60
Lunch - RM42
Tea break - Banana Cheese RM10
Lunch at Sweet Home Cafe - RM16

Day 3
Breakfast at Tenom Market
Fresh Banana - RM5
Hair salon - RM12
Lunch at Sweet Home cafe

Day 4
Breakfast at Chin Hin - RM28
Wit Foh coffee factory - RM44
Bus ride from Tenom to KK - RM20 per person
Oyong stop - RM10
Van from KK bus station to Marina Court Resort - RM30
Dinner at Nando's, Oceanus Mall - RM101.90
Japan Boat Takoyaki - RM3.90

Day 5
Breakfast - RM28 + RM11
Boat ride to Mamutik Island - RM130 for 3 adults 2 children
Snokeling gear rental - RM10 per set
Taxi to Jesselton - RM15
Tea break at Mamutik - RM16.50
Lunch at Jesselton - RM22
Taxi back to Marina Court Resort- RM15
Dinner - RM32

Day 6
Breakfast at Salam's Curry House - RM27.10
Taxi to KK Airport - RM30
Taxi to home - RM26

KK International Airport
Flight tickets for 2 adults and 2 children via MAS - RM1,035.60


Rose said...

Sigh. Flight tickets could be high especially on school holidays. Wish to travel during low season but hard to do so with schooling kids.

Nice list down of budget. At least you know what you have spent.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Rose, now getting harder to travel, what with the kids schooling and our money has drop so much. So have to jimat2 la.