May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend

When I think of Mother's Day, I associate it of food :)

This year, my Mother's Day celebration started with a Mother's Day eve dinner at Big Oven.
Chicken Chop - RM20.80
Marinara - RM28.80
Pork Loin BBQ - RM24.80
Lava Choc - RM9.80
On the actual day, we went to Vivacity to have lunch at Zanmai Sushi.  Since we already had our big breakfast few hours earlier, we didn't mind to stand in the long queue waiting for our turn.  Plus because it is Mother's Day, my kids were not complaining at all.  Thanks children :x

Later that evening, I prepared myself a special dish for a quiet dinner at home.
tadaaa.. sambal terung asam...

Well, that was how I spent my Mother's Day weekend.  How was yours?


Rose World said...

Oh. Finally, you got dine in Zanmai. Glad the kids were behaving and no complaining.

Nice Mother's day feasting. I did not get to cook on Mother's Day.

Ez Vina said...

Lucky no need to cook ;)
Happy Mother's Day to you ya.