May 19, 2016

Urut lutut

Eugene: Mummy, lutut Eugene masih sakit la, yang kena masa jatuh tadi.
Mummy:  Ok, nanti Mummy urut.
Emmett: Ok, nanti Mummy urut guna paku.  Kalau tak guna paku, guna chainsaw pun boleh.

Ini semua salah banjir kilat tengahari tadi, dalam sekolah pun boleh banjir, lutut Eugene pun lebam sebab terjatuh.


Rose World said...

Poor boy.

Really scary rain yesterday. I was caught in the rain when picked the kids but glad it stopped as it came.

If continue, sure more places were flooded.

Sharon D said...

Haiyooo...he's so hilarious even when in pain. Hope his knee is better soon.

Ez Vina said...

Earlier today we got another heavy rain and strong winds, weird weather in Kuching now, dont you think Rose.

Ez Vina said...

Hi Sharon, sometimes we can be shocked with what comes out of the kids mouth. Funny things most of the times :)