May 22, 2016

Oh My Petai

My sisters love petai.  Me, not so much.  Ya, I can take 2 or 3 biji, why not.

This week my sisters were searching hi and low for petai in Kuching.

Here's our finding..

At MJC night market, RM3 per plate.  My sister bought all of the 8 plates.

This was what I saw outside Everrise, BDC.  RM10 seikat, and those on the tiny plates, RM5 each plate.

Petai used be considered as food for the poor, I guess now we can say it is food for the rich.  Normal veggie, like sawi or bok choy you can still find RM2 per pack, but petai price can reach up to RM10!

Ok, I think i rather get some asparagus then :)


Merryn said...

I love petai. I must agree that they are getting rather pricey these days.

Rose World said...

I would prefer to buy asparagus than petai. Never a fan of petai. Haha.

Sharon D said...

I don't love it, but I don't mind it too much either. I enjoy night markets like these. Always interesting to see local produce.

Barbara Stephen said...

I love petai hihihi...masak belacan