May 2, 2016

Sushi King, Vivacity

Lama jugak kami tak ke Sushi King.

On Labour Day, we went to Vivacity for dinner.  Our plan was to have dinner at Sushi Zanmai.  But when we reach there around 7pm,  there was already a long queue infront of Zanmai.  We were too lazy to wait, so we ended up in Sushi King.

We had...

Tokyo Ramen - RM15.90
Ice Green Tea - RM 1 each
Brownie & Vanilla Ice Cream - RM6.50
Ten Don - RM7
Assorted sushi plates

* All price excluding gst & service charges

The green tea and the ramen were tasteless, very disappointing.  But the brownie was really good and the kids did enjoy themselves, what more can we ask for.


Rose World said...

Zanmai is better. But I would be lazy to wait in long queue too, especially with hungry and restless kids. ^^

Sharon D said...

I avoid long queues too. Hilang my appetite ..and I don't like rushing through meals :P