May 6, 2009

Cloth Diaper

Barang yang ditunggu sudah sampai, yeay!
Jum kita tengok apa kat dalam.Inilah dia, OS cloth diaper, brand Kasihkusayangku, a local brand, it's new, price RM45 including postage, and it's green!

Sekarang Eugene cuma guna diaper masa tidur malam, tapi kadang² masa bangun pagi diaper dia masih kering, kalau tak pakaikan diaper, takut nanti banjir la pulak. So mummy rasa nak cuba guna cloth diaper ni, boleh cuci, and hopefully can save some money too.

Why I choose green?
erm... kalau yellow - warna diraja - euww;
pink - for my son?! ohh noo;
blue - too common;
brown - I like brown, but I think green is cuter ;)
Guess somebody is making a very bright move here!
TQ Mdm Foong and happy belated Earth Day to all!


EUNICE said...

hi dear!

happy trying! pls pre-wash the cd before used ya..any queries pls drop me an email.


Merryn said...

hahaha.. i've never tried those on ethan b4.. nice looking though! :)

Rose said...

heard of this diaper before, but never try it out. My 3 years old gal is off diaper since last August. Once a while she will "banjir" her bed or my car but I wouldnt want to go back to having her put on diaper!! :)

Let me know how good this diaper is....probably can use when go travelling etc. I hope they got sizes for kids of all ages! :)

Ivy Metaga said...

green color mmg cute, lately kmk minat with green color..

lvynana said...

Eunice : Thanks for the tips.

Merry : I'm also new at this, as i said, I can easily be 'fooled' by the advertisement.

Rose : The one that I bought is 1 size means can fit size S,M,L. Other option you can purchase for L or XL size. Will tell you how's the outcome.

Ivy : yup saya pun sudah mula minat dgn warna green, sejuk mata memandang ;)

One Other ... said...

U shd snap a photo of eugene wearing this. Only this. bet he looks adorable in it!

lvynana said...

One other : la I ambil gambar buntut die pakai cloth diaper ni ;)