May 25, 2009

Bombastic Cafe

Bombastic Cafe @ Padungan

Ribena Sprite

Ice Cream with chocolate smarties

Garlic bread with sausage and cheese

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce..very nice

Lamb chop .. so-so only

The menu..with good food at reasonable price.


Kris and Nadia said...

adoi.. sedapnya.. tapun...

Merryn said...

ribena sprite looks like we can try doing it ourself kan? maybe i will try doing that one day! thanx for sharing the lovely food there..

Willie said...

Where is this cafe? Do they serve Western food only?

Gallivanter said...

Doesn't look bombastic to me. :-P

lvynana said...

Nadia : sedaapp.

Merryn : My hubby fav drink, easy to make at home too.

Willie : Bulatan padungan, sik jauh dari RHB sia. Mostly western la.

Gallivanter : yup, I dont agree with the name also, that's the main reason why I never try that restaurant before, until last few month. Not many ppl there, so the service is quite fast, and the food is good too.

Krissy KILL said...

gosh!!! im soo hungry looking at those foods..... (blog walking)