May 6, 2009

One tablet in herbal tea makes 'em high


PETALING JAYA: A coffee shop here has been turning hundreds of its regular customers into drug addicts by pushing a "five-star" herbal tea to them.

Each day, more than 150 glasses of tea laced with codeine are sold to unsuspecting customers who keep coming back for more because of the high that the drug gives.

Codeine, the active drug in many cough mixtures, is used by drug addicts as a substitute for hard drugs.

The discovery was made by a Health Ministry team yesterday, when it raided a pharmacy in New Town here.

The team discovered that up to 1,000 codeine tablets a week had been sold to the coffee shop.
Initial investigations revealed that the coffee shop owner had been adding the tablets into his drinks to give his customers an "extra kick".

The owner added one tablet into each glass of herbal tea. The tablet dissolves easily, leaving many customers unaware that their drinks had been spiked.

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Rose said...

yeah, i read it in newspaper. so scary! what irresponsible coffee shop owner, sound like he encourages people to take drug and his shop becomes like a drug centre!


fonsusz said...

patut ku rasa 'high' jak gi kerja or only my imagination...only my imagination.....

One Other ... said...

Codeine cough syrup is what the doc usually gives when we have minor sore throat. a teaspoon is enough to put u to a drowsy state. nyaman ada jak codeine ya utk melegakan otot dan tengkak sebelum tidor. figures why people wud abuse it. read the news too at NST today. macam2 jak ooo

lvynana said...

Rose : yup, have to be very careful all the time.

sus : you sure ka only ur imagination, u pun dah ketagih nak :P

One other : nang juak macam2 jak cara org mengaut keuntungan.

Gallivanter said...

Yup, read it too. It's difficult - how shall we be careful? It can happy anywhere...

lvynana said...

Gallivanter : Saya rasa kalau kedai tu terlampau 'happening', something wrong kot..hihi.