May 12, 2009

KS Cloth Diaper

Why I choose KS OS cloth Diaper?

1. Reasonable price

  • KS OS - RM45.00 ( I bought it at promotion price)
  • Bumgenius OS – RM82-RM85
  • Freshbots OS – RM69.00
  • Coolababy OS – RM49-RM55
*above are the internet price, if you can find a better price, do let me know :)

2. After using it :
- The inner soft lining dry even if the insert is completely soaked.
- The insert is very soft compare to the imported brand that I bought previously.

Will I buy it again?

I’m not sure, even though many say that we can save money in long term, but to dig out that amount of money to buy just 1 CD is a bit hard for me.

As for the environment sake, where's what I read from Reader’s Digest April 2008, an article on 13 Green Question Answered!

When it comes to baby, what’s best: disposable nappies or cloth nappies?

Lets’ call this a draw. Several independent studies – taking into account all the environment factors such as raw material and energy usage, emissions of air and water pollution, and even waste management – conclude that both have roughly the same environment effect. But the dollar cost is another equation.

So, it’s a draw!

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