July 13, 2009

House Warming

A friend of mine is going to have a house warming party end of this month. Am thinking what should I bring along, here's what in my mind.

1. Iron
2. Breadtoaster
3. Potted plant - but she's not staying fulltime there, whose going to look after the flower?
4. Arranged fake flower
5. Ceiling clock - but she already have 2 or 3.
6. Bedsheet

Here's what we received for our house warming few years back.
1. Fruit trees
2. Potted plant
3. Fresh flower with vase
4. Ceiling clock
5. Arranged fake flower
6. Pillow
7. Standing fan
8. Botols of wine

You have any other ideas?


Sumuk said...

bedsheet. cukup sik budget?

lvynana said...

Bedsheet ajak sik termasuk dak comforter, shud be enough kot ;)