July 10, 2009

Official visit to the New DUN

Our office organized an official visit to the new DUN last Wednesday. I managed to capture a number of photo but we are not allowed to publish it before 27th of this month, where the official launching will be held on that same day.

So here’s the sneak preview for those who haven’t been there…ceng ceng ceng

The toilet of the new DUN, how was it? Not impressive at all le?!

But I can tell you that the rest of the building is really something we Sarawakian can be proud of. Wait for my entry this 27th July 2009.


Willie said...

Hahahaha...kena ban dari ambil gambar?

lvynana said...

Ambil gambar boleh, cuma sik boleh publish lok.

journey adventure said...

gambar sneek preview ok lah... tapi tak kan satu toilet jak

lvynana said...

Gambar lain byk, tp sikkan la ambik gambar toilet ajak nak. TUnggu 27th auk, kena sama kamek kelak.huhu

Willie said...

Toilet pun jadi lah. HAhahah

Rose said...

Must be impressive loh, how much we spent on the DUN!!

Hai ya, need to wait till 27th to view the place har?? Ok, I wait. hehehe!