July 10, 2009

My 1st Durian for 2009

My 1st durian for this year.
Musim durian baru jer bermula kat Kuching.This baby durian cost me RM15, mampu beli 1 biji je, mahal sangat la pok.
Kalau dah musim nanti, sebiji macam ni cost around RM2-RM4 gitu je pun.Total inside only got 5 seeds, meaning to say it's about RM3 per seed..fuh!


Rose said...

baby durian is pretty expensive, but the flesh is nicer!! Never mind, once a while indulge in good fruit! hehehe! I dont dare to eat durian, too heaty. Sekejap makan, I will get sore throat the next minute. :p

eugene said...

ok, now i cant,hey next time if you want good and cheap durina come to penang,, we have tonnes of them,, betul betul durian runtuh one.

great weekend

lvynana said...

Rose : I have no problem taking durian, the more the better, just $ issue got porb ;)

Eugene : wah durian runtuh, untung la org penang.