June 13, 2014

Breakfast at Princeville Resort & Spa, Aonang

They served halal food here at Princeville Resort & Spa, Aonang.

Food are great, I had the best seafood porridge ever.

Setting is beautiful, but lots of mosquitoes, make sure you sit near the fan.


Sharon D said...

I feel excited just looking at the photos. A trip to Krabi will be in store for me!

Coffee Girl said...

Muu stay datik ka dayung? was it good?

Ez Vina said...

Auk, kami stay sitok, great! Cuma bilik ada gelap2 sikit, aku suka yang terang2. Kali hotel dah lamak kali.

Ez Vina said...

Sharon: yup, you shud go, very near from your place what ;)