June 10, 2014

In My Kitchen #18

Kailan + Fish Maw
 Fruit and veggie salad

Sometimes when I get too hungry, I will just switch on my creative mode to create something eatable. And this time it is Macaroni cangkok manis.

Macaroni + cangkok manis + light and dark soya sauce + ketchup + egg


Merryn said...

Macaroni cangkuk manis like west meet east :D Looks YUM though!

Tia said...

wah.... semakin hari semakin creative!!!

Tia said...
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Ez Vina said...

Merryn: surprisingly it turns out great!

Tia: kalau perut sudah lapar, apa-apa pun mauk di-ngap.

Sharon D said...

Sedap ehh..! ^.^