June 30, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

Now, at least there's still hope..

This is a very long movie, 2 hour 45 minutes to be exact.  I had to visit the rest room, twice.

My boys enjoyed the movie; as for me, here's my view..
- too much actions/fighting
- the autobots make too much unnecessary jokes and not serious about helping human being; except for Optimus Prime and his 'son', Bumblebee.
- can we remove Tessa Yeager role from the movie?

For Cade Yeager role, I can totally relate to him, my hubby is having this new hobby - inventing things; inventing robots - thats what he calls it.  Fortunately he is not collecting any garbage, atleast not the for time being.
This is what he is working on at the moments.

He even took out the motherboard from my Picabot to study.  Oh well, anything that keeps him stay happy and stay at home ;)

A friendly advise: if you are having a slight headache, don't go and watch this movie; it will get worse :p


Rose said...

With Mark Walhberg in it, it is still a headache to watch? Hahaha. I would go to loo twice if the movie is over 2 hours too.

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...


Ez Vina said...

Rose: I think the action packed is just too much this time, X-men is still no1 this year so far ;)

Coffee Girl said...

Watched it last night, and yeah, Tessa AND Shane perhaps, out of the movie. I'd prefer Cade to be partnered with Darcy the geologist, she looks like she has potentials but not much emphasis on her. :-) I enjoyed Optimus Prime show of leadership though, really inspiring