June 26, 2014

Chalet at Damai Beach Resort

Love this chalet, I think there are 3 rooms in each chalet, and there are doors connecting them.

Our room has 2 queen size beds.  This chalet room is slightly smaller the the Standard Balcony.
Stunning view from our room.

The only thing that I don't like is the pillow, its just too tough.

Great place for beach party as well, as long as it didn't rain ;)

* Damai Resort Hotel has just completed the refurbishment works of the main swimming pool and  children swimming pool located at the lobby level.


Sharon D said...

Wow...is this next to the cultural village? I think I stayed here years ago...if it's the right one, it looks well maintained ^.^

ez vina said...

Hi Sharon: There are 2 'Damai' Hotels near to Cultural Village.

Before Cultural Village is Damai Resort Hotel, and after it is the Damai Puri.

But there's no Chalet in Damai Puri, so it must be Damai Resort that you stayed in last time.

Damai Resort just completed it renevotion work this month, looks good now.