June 18, 2014

BBQ Premium Cafe, Merdeka Plaza

A new food outlet in town.

Their tagline:
Great taste, eat fresh.
It says that food here is made with 100% olive oil...hmmm

Nice n cozy design.
The menu.

We tried the Margherita Pizza - thinned crust pizza with 4 toppings and mozzarella cheese.
This is how it looks like on the menu..

After waited for more then half an hour, this is what we got from the kitchen..

Nonetheless, it tasted great and I dont mind ordering this again on my next visit; if I have plenty of time to wait.
Price is quite reasonable.


Sharon D said...

That looks delicious. Really like the tomatoes on top.

Ez Vina said...

Yah not bad, I just wish that they have the fresh herbs just like on the menu display.

Coffee Girl said...

Nya ada smaller branch di Kubah area, belakang Teh Tarik Cafe. Tried it... not too crazy about it tho. Although portion is big

Ez Vina said...

coffee big: haih...benar ka? heran juak ku nangga ayat nya 'No. 1 chicken in Korea' la, tang benar ka sik.