June 9, 2014

Banana Pancakes, Krabi

I read that this a something that you must try in when you are in Krabi.
So I did.
 It's yummy, my children love it too.
Banana pancake with milk and chocolate

 Plain pancake with nutella topping, for the kids.
The plain type is crispier.

 Check out the price.

Basically, to me, this is just a Roti Canai with banana filling and top with condense milk and/or chocolate cream.


Rose said...

Like our roti pisang but minus the chocolate and milk topping.

Sharon D said...

That's a great idea...this is what I'm going to do to my roti canai. I am going to Nutella it..lol

Ez Vina said...

Rose: exactly.

Sharon: I also bought some instance roti canai for some 'creative' food innovation ;)