June 12, 2014

Princeville Resort & Spa, Ao Nang

Very strategic location.  Walking distance to 7-Eleven (3 7E nearby), McDonald, Subway.  Ao Nang beach is only a few steps away from the resort.
View from main road to Princeville Resort

View from Princeville Resort to main road/beach

Spa at the resort

Short walk from the main road to the guest room
Swimming pool for adult, child and a jacuzzi

Nice garden setting, big room size.
View from our balcony

You'll get 3 mineral water bottles per day
Kids are super excited
Washroom equipped with bath tab and a shower closet.

The furniture are huge, which are great but my children keep on knocking and bumping here and there.  Emmett knocked his head on the bed rest twice.
Look at this closet, the orange color is made of fabric?  Look at what inside.. Bath robes and umbrellas too, very considerate of them since the rain can fall anytime in this area.  They also provide a separate blue towel which you can bring outdoor or for your islands tour.

Eugene broke one of the glass cup, we had to pay 50bht for that.


Sharon D said...

What a lovely place to stay. The garden makes it look so relaxing :)

Coffee Girl said...

Ah... good review! will see when i can go Krabi in this condition.

Ez Vina said...

yup, great hotel with nice view, value for money.

Coffee girl: boleh mbak baby klak, iboh pegi island, jln2 sitok jak pun ok apa, or pake longboat sik rough gilak.