June 14, 2014

Phi phi islands tour

We started our journey from Ao Nang jetty.

Chicken Island

 Our 1st stop, Maya bay, 50 minutes speed boat ride from Ao Nang.  This is the highlight of the tour.  A C-shape lagoon with beautiful white sandy beach where Leonardo DiCaprio film the movie 'The Beach'.
A short walk to Loh Sama Bay

Loh samah Bay, 5-10 minutes walk from Maya bay.
Worth every steps of the short walk, beautiful and cool shedded area.

From Loh Samah we walked back to again to Maya Bay, tourist are everywhere, everyone busy taking photos.
Eugene & Emmett enjoying the white sandy beach

Then we proceed to Viking cave & Phi Phi Ley.
Viking cave has prehistoric cave paintings and is where the birds-nest are collected.

Phi Phi Ley is a great place for snorkeling and kayaking.

Snorkeling stop #1 in the middle of sea.

We stop at Phi phi Don for 1-hour buffet lunch break; food mostly are spicy.  Food provided are Not child friendly food.

The we went for 2nd round of snorkeling for half an hour.
Me and Eugene, Eugene really enjoy snorkeling here
Last stop, Bamboo island for 1-hour stop.  Beautiful beach for sightseeing and snorkeling.  The sand here in Bamboo Island is extraordinary soft.

Emmett cant get enough of the sand

From Bamboo Island, its a 25 minutes ride back to Ao Nang.

When we reach the shore, a another surprise waiting for we, they are selling our photos on a sand frame for 100 bht each.  Great for rememberance so we bought ours.

I think these photos are exclusive for those touring with Aonang Photo Travel.  The only reason why hubby booked from this agent is because the salesman speak fruent English and explain this in details to him.

The overall service is good except for:
The land transport is a bit too old
Lunch provided is a bit let down

To me, this trip is worth every penny, I'll do it again if I have the opportunity in the future.


Rose said...

Ooh. The island and water are so beautiful!!

Sharon D said...

What a gorgeous place...almost like something out of a dream.

Coffee Girl said...

sik mabok emmet ngan eugene pakai bot tek? u should do it again, from phuket this time. :-) I mok juak ke krabi

Ez Vina said...

Coffee girl: Eugene n Emmett sik mabok, aku yang mabok. Bab snorkeling tgh laut ya, aku stay jaga emet dalam boat laju mok muntah aku, mun boat jalan, no problem aku. Ya la ada juak hati mok ke Phuket tok.